Listings of schools that support bilingualism or offer bilingual educational programmes

Beyond the above listings, below are more updates on or additions of schools that support bilingualism or offer bilingual educational programmes – listing atScoop on Schools page – which include the following:

AmerAsian School (Ginowan, Okinawa)

Busy Bees International School (Suginami-ku, Tokyo)



Kaiyo Academy (Gagamori, Aichi) external link(JT article states that the school spends twice as much time as other schools on English)

Kincairn International School (Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa) and Kincairn International Pre-school

KIU Academy (Kyotonabe, Kyoto)

Kobe Bilingual School (Tarumi, Kobe)

LCA Kokusai Elementary School(Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa)

Mini Max International School (Meguro, Tokyo) (50/50)

Minoh International School(Minoh city, Osaka)

MSP International School (Matsuyama-shi, Ehime)

Narita Primary School(Narita, Chiba)

New International School (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

Royal Ivy Academy Osaka city (English & French immersion)

Sunnyside International Kindergarten (Gifu & Tochigi) (50/50 immersion)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Kitatama High School a.k.a. Kitatama Kokusai High School (Tachikawa, Tokyo) – a variety of immersion and language classes

Tagami Gakuen International Kindergarten (Kagoshima) (50/50 immersion)

3 thoughts on “Listings of schools that support bilingualism or offer bilingual educational programmes”

  1. Hello –
    Would you be able to add our school –
    Laurus International School of Science to your site –
    We offer the Cambridge International Curriculum with strong STEM / ICT and programming classes.
    Many thanks.

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