Kikokushijo Academy International School (Meguro ward, Tokyo)

KAIS website

KAIS 3-7-9 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035, Japan
Phone: 03-3723-2380 Fax: 03-3723-2380 Email:

KAIS provides a fully-accredited diverse, intensive, specialized American junior high and high school diploma-granting curriculum (from California) in English for motivated internationally-oriented Junior High and High School students. KAIS Program classes are a mixture of lab-based individualized teacher-guided study, and our daily seminars which alternate daily between Vocabulary Workshop and Writing Seminar.

Selected as one of the best international schools in Asia by Newsweek and accredited through partner schools including Laurel Springs School in the State of California, USA, KAIS students graduate with an American diploma, enabling them to easily pursue university education anywhere in the world.

Upon acceptance into KAIS, students and their parents will create a learning contract with their educational goals with KAIS staff, and decide the duration and focus of their secondary education.

The school bills itself as t”the premium high school for returnees” and “the only Junior and Senior High school in Japan designed specifically for small interactive classes”, and “uniquely aware of many international students’ gifted abilities, special needs, and educational hurdles”.

Strong selling points of the school:

The curriculum is supplemented by own programs specifically designed for students who want to reach beyond their potential and who may want to attend university abroad: SAT, TOEFL, and STEP TEST preparation classes, specialized writing program, College Admissions Essay workshops, and a wide range of developmental and honors (advanced) classes.

KAIS provides one MacBook computer per student – KAIS students use Apple MacBooks as technology is integrated into all programs. 

The school says it “creates high school graduates who are effective writers, verbose speakers, and respected members of the international community”.

Our programs are designed to prepare students for the schedule and academic scope of university life. The KAIS curriculum is supplemented by our own programs specifically designed for students who may want to attend university abroad: SAT Test preparation class, Eiken program, specialized Kikokushijo-oriented writing program, College Admissions Essay workshops, and a wide range of Honors (advanced) classes. Advanced students may be allowed to take a variety of university classes and gain college credit.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our staff, please contact us today (, phone, or fax).

Catering to “a student body composed primarily of bicultural students, native English-speaking students, returnees and special needs students” and “Japanese students with exceptional English abilities, who are planning to attend university abroad”.

An outstanding faculty and staff completely composed of teachers who have been working with the Tokyo multicultural and returnee community for years, and given its affiliation with its sister school, Kikokushijo Academy.
Creative Electives will bring out the creativity and ideas in our students, allowing them to pursue projects from film/video to poetry writing workshops to photography and music.

Individualized study. Students can propose their own projects and class schedules and work at their own pace. This level of individualized study allows each student to thrive at the level that is right for them.

In many schools, large class sizes prevent many students from feeling included; often, the highest level students and the lowest level students are left out of the learning process. At KAIS, no student will be pushed or left behind as a result of large classes. Traditional lectures are combined with personalized lab time which allows each student to complete their courses at the pace that best suits them. KAIS says it is possible at KAIS, for a highly-motivated student to graduate high school in as little as 2 years.ame time, the school also provides support for students who need a lot of guidance, aiding them on their road to graduation, even if it takes 6 years.

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