Preparing your children for Puberty

Is your child prepared for the changes of puberty? If so, are you? All children are different and reach puberty at different ages. Boys normally reach it at around the age of 14 and girls at about 12.

That’s why parents need to start talking to their children about the changes they can expect from puberty long before it arrives. Kids are usually more open to discussing it before the changes have begun. If we wait until it’s too late, they may feel more uncomfortable.

It’s also important to be clear and specific about what changes they can expect. Don’t assume they already know. What they’ve learned from friends and other sources may not be the full story. And while you’re discussing it, don’t forget to explain your values regarding purity and why these values are important to you. They’ll be more likely to follow your principles if you state them clearly, and then model them.

Retr. From TODAY, Voices – Thursday, 08-April-2010


And if you still feel like you need an arsenal of resources to tackle the topic with your children, try these book title recommendations and booklists at our Book Nook section.

Good luck with birds and bees talks…

— A.K.

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