Global Kids Academy (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Global Kids Academy K.K. website: (currently this link is suspect – checking information!)

Address: 2-13-9 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Phone Number: 03-5419-8277 New Fax Number: 03-5419-8278 Contact:

A new bilingual after school program, Global Kids Academy (GKA), located in Moto Azabu, in the heart of Tokyo, GKA offers a unique space for students of various ages and schools (both international and Japanese schools) to relax, learn, make friends and play while immersed in the target language.

Global Kids Academy was created in order to give children the tools to thrive in the global environment. More than ever before, the benefits of bilingualism (and multilingualism) are clear. GKA recognizes that each child is at a different level in English and Japanese, and that each child comes from a unique home environment providing various levels of support. At GKA, children will actively use the target language in activities and play so that they become comfortable and confident using that language. If a child is already a proficient speaker, he/she will be encouraged to take reading and writing skills to the next level.

School Philosophy:

The school believes that each child is a unique individual, and so tha there is no one-size-fits-all-curriculum. The programs is thus made to fit the children. The school encourages teamwork and mingling of children of all linguistic backgrounds.

The school believes that literacy is a key element in language development and reading is an important part of the school’s language curriculum, and aims to make it fun and interesting, and possible for children of all reading levels to access interesting books.

Academics, adventures, art and activities are available throughout the day. Although there is no “typical” day, two hours are spent on projects that involve reading and writing. The rest of the day fills up with all kinds of excitement: outdoor fun, indoor games, crafts, lunch-time movies and Adventures in Tokyo!

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