POLKU International School (Matsudo-shi, Chiba)

POLKU International School Website: http://www.polku.co.jp/

Location: 3F, Alfrente, 602 Kamishiki, Matsudo-shi,Chiba JAPAN

Phone: 047-704-8623 Contact via online form

Polku International School offers a unique blend of curriculum. POLKU, offers the best quality of the care and educational provision which delivers learning through a multicultural environment. POLKU is probably the only private multicultural school in the locality that is supported by qualified teachers from many different countries and it is affiliated to an accredited Nursery school in Higashi Matsudo. Its interactive classes allow students to practice English through drills in the class as well as communicate with teachers and other students our common routines.

POLKU education teaches respect for basic Japanese culture as the basic knowledge together with western and other cultures to create a new blend of creative and positive learning environment. Bilingual kids in an international and multicultural philosophy emphasizes that children not only immerse in English in play and through instruction, but also develop their skills and self-learning strategies that employ creative thinking developmentally appropriate for each child. Each pupil will have a positive and creative experience in the class, which becomes the very basis of their English language learning experience. POLKU seeks to help pupils to develop their cognitive skills via music and art to improve their understanding of the world around them.

Together with qualified childcare and English teachers, POLKU offers two English courses; a half day and full-day courses. Its English immersion program allows both Japanese pupils and returnee’s pupils will enjoy the very best environment for them in which to learn and play.

High Quality Education: For pupils who previously have spent their time POLKU preschool class, they will able to enter the Kindergarten class when they turned to four years old without any screening process. For new applicants, a short interview in English will be part of the process. However for those who does not have any experience of having a conversation with native English speakers, all of the experienced, qualified and mature staff will be happy to assist for the ongoing process. Returnees from abroad are welcome.

Curriculum: POLKU provides various materials and activities to motivate pupils to learn the language and vocabulary of reading, mathematics, science, social development as well as the ecology.

The Full Day Preschool program (Mon-Fri. 9-5 pm) is an enrichment program made especially for an intensive study of the English language. It is open to all pupils in our preschool classes as extended program.
The pupils learn about various topics including:

  • Japanese manners in English:
  • Traditional Japanese folk tales in English
  • Different cultural teachings and holidays from around the world, including dances, songs and folk tales from different countries
  • Cooking from different countries
  • Different Cultures and Holidays from around the world, including: China, Indonesia, Mexico, France, England, The United States, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Canada, Australia, The Philippines, India, Russia, Japan and others.

A half-day preschool program is also available.

The kindergarten is a program for 4-6 year olds. Within its unique internationally blended setting, all pupils receive an appropriate balance of education, challenge and support to reach their full potential in the well-disciplined and caring environment. Rather than stressing control by teachers and uniformity as is found in many Japanese schools, the school encourages the student`s individual creativity in order to build their self-confidence.

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