CIC Kindergarten (Kitakyushu, Fukuoka)

CIC English Kindergarten in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka


Address: 902 Hatakeda Wakamatuku Kitakyushshi Fukuoka 808-0104
Phone: 093-791-6446 Fax: 093-791-6449 Email

The school offers these programs:

  • Pair school for One-year olds and Mothers
  • Preschool for Two-year olds and English Kindergarten for 3-5 year olds plus follow-up Classes for kindergarten graduates and returnees
    English classes for elementary school children.
  • Spring and Summer Camps and Spring and Summer Intensive English Courses
    are also available.

Originally established in 1983 as an English language school and 1n 1995 CIC opened an English Kindergarten in Kitakyushu City. CIC caters to the Japanese community with the goal of providing more enjoyable and efficient methods, and easier ways of learning practical English at a reasonable cost. The school believes children have tremendous capacity to learn not only languages but also other skills and that it is important to develop their abilities when they still possess abilities to learn things easily and naturally. The school aims to provide the environments where children can learn many things naturally.

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