What is a Blended Learning Environment?

Blended learning is a term often used to describe the use of resources such as e-learning (electronic) or m-learning (mobile) in combination with other traditional educational resources. Some would include e-mentoring or e-tutoring to be within the blended learning environment although these forms of delivery may merely involve video-conferencing and not necessarily be  in the context of e-learning..
Researchers Heinze and Procter have developed the following definition for Blended Learning in higher education:

“Blended Learning is learning that is facilitated by the effective combination of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning, and founded on transparent communication amongst all parties involved with a course.”

Reference: Blended Learning Defined

To know more about blended learning environments, see the following articles:
Blended Learning Boosts Achievement

A recent study conducted by the US Department of Ed found that students involved in blended learning programs generally performed better than students who participated in face-to-face instruction.

To blend or not to blend: online and blended learning environments in undergraduate teacher education

Online Learning Update is a website that gathers news and research about online learning.

See also Fresh Faces in Blended Learning Environments by Heather M Ross, Richard A. Schwier, Ben K. Daniel on the importance of face-to-face-sessions in blended learning environments

Tutoring System as an Effective Blended Learning Approach

2008 Campus Technology Innovators: Web Conferencing / Blended Learning (08/01/08)

On an outstanding example of blended learning at work in higher education, web conferencing, and remote-enabled instrumentation, chemistry students are trained in the hands-on use of a diverse array of sophisticated instruments at the California State University

E-Learning and Study Effectiveness

Blended Learning and Study Effectiveness

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