KIU Academy & Kyoto International University (Kyotanabe, Kyoto)

KIU Academy website

1-1 Ichinotsubo Kusauchi Kyotanabe, Kyoto 610-0311

Free Dial: 0120-23-5931 Phone: 0774-64-0804 Fax: 0774-64-0805  Email:

KIU Academy has recently added an elementary school section to provide a comprehensive school system.

KIU Academy is a bilingual Christian elementary, junior and high school that serves as a stepping-stone into English language universities.  It boasts a well-rounded educational program that a blend of East and West – combining the Western emphasis on reasoning and logic, synthesis and self-expression with the Japanese penchant for detail. It operates on a credit system similar to American schools. English, Math, Science and Social Studies as core subjects but Japanese language and Japanese History are included in the program. The President is president of Kyoto International University hence the affiliation.

Elementary school program:

The curriculum is traditional in content with emphasis on English, Japanese, math, science, and social studies. Other classes include physical education, art, and music which promote interest in areas other than academics. Students are exposed to computers in their upper elementary core classes.

Middle school and high school program:

The core curriculum includes Japanese, English, math, science, and social studies. Other classes include computers, music, physical education, and art. These classes encourage students to develop other interests in addition to academics.

The high school operates on a credit system similar to American schools. It allows some flexibility in graduation requirements for students who transfer in.

Students are placed in a number of classes based on ability rather than on grade or age level. New students are evaluated for mathematics, English, and Japanese abilities and then placed in classes that will offer the most opportunities for success. This is based on the understanding that students perform best when they are placed in a class with students of similar abilities and offered more individualized attention.

Classes are kept small so that teachers can offer students more personalized help. Though the classes may consist of students from more than one grade level, most have between ten and twenty students.

School philosophy:

KIU Academy emphasizes the development of such skills as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Traditional international schools have long been breeding grounds for a “we-they” sentiment. Mutual appreciation and understanding and the breaking down of stereotypes and prejudice begin with the understanding of each other’s language, history, culture and government. This mutual understanding is one of KIU Academy’s goals in education. KIU teachers come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. Many have been involved with bilingual education in some form or another. All have cross-cultural experience, and many are able to communicate in both English and Japanese.

Read about its program here.

School history:

KIU Academy originally started in 1999 as a church-operated school with six children, and has since transformed into an organization existing to meet the needs of missionary children, children from Christian households, Japanese returnees (whose children face a difficult and often traumatic re-entry into an alien aad often inhospitable culture upon returning to Japan) and the children of other internationally-minded people. Presently, KIU Academy has 230 students from elementary to high school. KIU is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). In April 2003, KIU was recognized as a non-profit school “Kakushu-gakkou” by the Kyoto prefectural government. Currently, the high school has received this recognition. Steps are being taken to include the elementary and Middle School included as well.


Kyoto International University website

KIU is a small, Christian, international university located in the cultural center of Japan. It offers programs from its biological science department and its international studies department.

Classes are taught in English and Japanese, allowing Japanese and foreign students to study bilingually in the same class and interact on an academic level.

Address: same as for KIU Academy (see above)

Phone: 0774-64-0804  Email:

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