Kids Paradise International Preschool (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

Kids Paradise International Preschool website:
2F (1FJolly Pasta) Fukusawa 8-10-14, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 
Phone / Fax   03-5706-1230 .

“Kids Paradise” provides high quality programs, caring for children in good environment with the strong support and network with the child care organizations in the United States. All “Kids Paradise” staff are professionals trained through American Early Childhood training programs.

Distinctive features of the school are its emphasis on helping children develop and enhance creativity, providing children fun activities in good environment. Important components of its school curriculum are music & movement, art, dramatic play, language and readaloud activities are important components of the programme.

The school has a playroom equipped with developmentally appropriate teaching materials in planned environment, based on the concept of the Creative Programs “Good Environment helps children develop Positive Behavior”. Children develop their abilities through appropriate toys and plays. Playroom has such interest areas as dramatic play, blocks, toys, arts & crafts, sand & water, library and music & movement.

Operating hours of the school: Monday-Fridays – 11:00~18:30.

Sporty Class lessons, Kinder English and Music programmes are also available at the school.

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