Montessori Resources

Find Montessori equipment here or make your own with the following resources listed below.

Montessori websites you can look at with free tips and ideas include:

AMC Directory (love their resources, used these a lot as well as the next 2)

Montessori Mom

M. Lesson website:

Affordable Online Montessori & HS Lesson Activities

Montessori for Everyone has more free downloads of her fabulous Montessori material for printing

A-Z Teacher’s Stuff

Montessori Muddle on the Cool Math website

Somewhat Up in the Air (science lessons blog)

Montessori On A Budget

DIY Montessori Preschool from Proverbial Homemaker

Perpetual Preschool – A place for pre-school teachers to get, and contribute, ideas for curriculum

Our Montessori Home

Montessori Monday

Daily Montessori methods for children from birth to age three.

Montessori Homeschool:


 DIY and Free Printable Montessori Math Materials | the little list

 My Montessori House

 Diy-montessori-ish-material.html has these useful resources: Montessori Method age 0-3+  |  Montessori Method age 3-12+ | Montessori at Home and Montessori Homeschooling  | Montessori Madness | Montessori Resources for homes and schools

Michael Olaf’s website:

For general readings about Montessori, see suggestions at and RKMS’s recommendations and our own  Does method matter? Montessori vs. Waldorf

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