Ashiya International School (Ashiya, Hyogo)

Ashiya International School website:
Address: 4-1 Yoko-cho, Ashiya, 659-0034 (see access map)
Phone: 0797-35-5011 Fax. 0797-35-5013 Contact the Principal: J. Burke at

Accredited as a foreign school in Hyogo Prefecture as of July 2006, Providing bilingual education structured on Christian principles, Ashiya International School (AIS) in Japan aims to develop and encourage well-rounded individuals who are happy, loving, confident, knowledgeable and healthy. Goals for Ashiya International School graduates include international awareness, fluency in both the English and Japanese language, and readiness for the adventures and challenges of life.
to create the most progressive private Christian international school in Japan for people of all nationalities

The mission of the school is to:
– stimulate various intelligences to build up students in the spiritual, mental, social, and emotional areas.
– maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing for closer care and attention, resulting in quality education.
– create an environment and community to maximize the growth process of students.
– serving as role models to properly guide children for future generations
Facilities: The current yellow wooden structure was completed in the spring of 2003, built by missionaries. To accommodate for growth the school is scheduled to build a kindergarten/elementary facility and a larger playground beginning the fall of 2006. The new building doubled the available teaching space as well as provide new areas for administration, storage, and events, including a new play area and parking area.


A BEKA (for international schools) is the curriculum used at all levels to teach the core subjects in kindergarten and elementary. The Japanese teaching staff select other Japanese textbooks and materials to teach the elementary students Japanese language and culture.

Children aged two and above may enroll at AIS. English is the main mode of instruction. The school uses a Christian-based curriculum that provides age and grade specific challenges. In addition to the regular English curriculum, elementary students receive daily Japanese instruction to ultimately develop fluency in English and Japanese.

The school hosts Saturday English club and summer school day camps for children as well as monthly parenting information sessions for adults.

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