Central Forest Sports & Music Kindergarten International School (CFIS), Tachikawa city, Tokyo

Grand Opening slated for April 2014.

Website: http://central-forest-tachikawa.com/

 6-14-26 Shibasaki-chou, Tachikawa-city Tokyo 190-0023


Located in Tachikawa city, Tokyo, the CFIS program focuses on English language education in the fields of Sports and Music. 

The school’s aim is to enable children to naturally acquire and develop problem solving skills, the value of mutual support and respect for others as well as creativity through a carefully balanced curriculum concentrating on sports, music, communication skills (English and Japanese) and mathematics, all while having fun. CFIS’ unique school concept is the result of their 10-year experience. The school aims to empower children with the endless benefits a balanced learning environment can give, including languages, math, sports and music. 

Central Forest believes that sports and music education can benefit the child’s development in a wide range of aspects, which is why the school regards its mission to provide such disciplines at the Early Years stage. Communication skills will also play an essential role once the children grow up and start their lives as independent young adults. In today’s international society, the necessity of being able to speak English in addition to one’s own mother tongue is constantly increasing. Mathematical abilities are extremely important in a wide range of jobs as well. However, once these skills have been mastered, it is how they will be used that will make the real difference. There is no meaning in learning English, Japanese and mathematics for the mere purpose of entering a good university. The school is convinced that music and sports skills are as important as communication and mathematical abilities for the children’s well-rounded character formation.

Sports and music do not just mean body training and development of creativity and sense of rhythm. They allow children to naturally learn the importance of teamwork, care and respect for others as well as encouraging the appreciation of effort and cultivating the spirit of constantly challenging one’s own limits.

Physical education and rhythmic activities are being included in the curriculums of a growing number of preschools and kindergartens for their extremely beneficial effects on the learning of languages and mathematics.

Many preschools and kindergartens include outdoors playtime and simple physical activities supported by music. The school however, provides a P.E. program centered on athletics, with age-appropriate and stress-free stretching, running, throwing and jumping activities which will help build the children’s physical strength. In the same way we include in our music classes some fun basic musical education through singing and dancing accompanied by the teacher with the piano.

In addition to this, the school aims to implement full-fledged competitive sports such as gymnastics, swimming, soccer, basketball and hip-hop, as well as familiarizing children with keyboard, drums, guitar and the ukulele. All of these instruments being of course child-sized. While mastering basic physical skills and nurturing their sense of rhythm, they will in fact learn skills they will be able to enjoy once they become adults.

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