(Hyogo Prefectural ) Ashiya International Secondary School Website: http://www.hyogo-c.ed.jp/~ashiyai-ss/index-e.html

1-2, Niihamacho, Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture 659-0031
Phone:  0797-38-2293  Fax:  0797-38-2295

The school aims to cultivate the children’s “zest for living,” which refers to their abilities to learn, think, decide, and take action by themselves.

Ashiya SS caters particularly for returnees and its 6-year flexible curriculum  offers lessons in small groups or tutorials taking into account the students’ Japanese language skills, degree of understanding of Japanese culture, and foreign language skills that were acquired while living overseas. View details of school curriculum here.

The school’s core strengths and strategies are its programs:
(1)Promoting various small group lessons
(2)Promoting team-teaching with foreign language teachers
(3)English and Japanese language sets according to ability

School activities and clubs include: Canoeing, Kendo, Hardball Tennis, Soccer, Soft Ball, Basket Ball, Badminton, Baseball Chorus, Brass Band, Fine Arts, Japanese Music, ESS and Information Literature