Ashiyahama Family Preschool (Ashiyahama city, Hyogo)

Ashiyahama Family Preschool Website

2F Ashiyahama Center (Next to NAS Ashiya Sports Club), 3-1 Wakaba-cho, Ashiyahama-shi, Hyogo Prefecture 659-0041Phone/fax: 0797-35-3735 Email:

The School Mission: To build a strong life foundation by integrating biblical education and family life to develop the child’s mind, heart, soul, and body.

Environment: Children develop the best in small groups with intimate, family-like settings. To facilitate this, number will be restricted to around 20 children to maintain a family atmosphere as much as possible. The Ashiyahama Family Preschool environment is comfortable but invites and stimulates the curiosity of young learners. For children develop morally they need an environment which provides clear and simple guidelines, reinforcing appropriate behaviour and confronting the inappropriate, allowing them to develop responsibility. To best prepare for life children need an environment which provides both a strong individual and group focus. Children need to be encouraged, to talk to and listen to one another, play and imagine together and to cooperate with one another, learning mutural love and respect.
Activities: Children develop the best with hands on education and opportunity to explore and be creative in their interests. To facilitate this we will use project focused activities in a Montessori and sensorial style. These provide process-orientated activities which we sequence to build skills from the concrete and simple to the abstract and more complex. Also, other music and movement activities will focus on appealing to the five senses of the child.
English Language: To build a firm foundation in English communication, children will learn every-day English the teachers will work each day with the environment so the children will be exposed to as much English as possible, using focussed projects as well as music, rhyme and book reading etc.
Biblical Focus: Children will be taught the value of human beings and to respect and honor others as well as to differ between right and wrong, according to Biblical guidelines.

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