Fujino Steiner Gakuen / Freie Fujino Steiner Waldorf Schule

Website in Japanese: http://www.steiner.ed.jp/oshirase/oshirase.php?eid=00047

Fujino Steiner School
2805-1 Fujinocho-Nagura
Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 229-0207
Tel.: +81-42-686-6011, Fax.: +81-42-686-6030
E-Mail: hata0103@smile.ocn.ne.jp

Website: http://www.steiner.ed.jp 

Read about Sarahbear’s experience studying at the Freie Fujino Steiner Waldorf Schule there from the Sarahbear is Gaijin blog. You can also read about Sarah Burke’s write up on her experience at the school entitled of My Semester in Japan for the Honolulu Waldorf School ‘Ohana newsletter (March 2009 copy).

At another blog – Alicia’s Blog page, you get a glimpse of what is often reputed to be Waldorf education’s stamp of individuality on its students.  

See also a picture of the dome house built by high school students 4 years ago (ds one of them): http://www18.ocn.ne.jp/~steinerh/


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