Cambridge International School (Setagaya ward, Tokyo)

Website: Cambridge International School 


〒154-0015 Tokyo Setagaya-ku Sakura Shinmachi 1-8-8 3F
Phone: 03-6413-6450

The following information is from the CIS website:

Cambridge International School Tokyo, which is located SETAGAYA SAKURASHINMACHI TOKYO (near Shibuya on the Denentoshi line), is a new preschool and international school for Japanese and foreigners who want to develop learning and thinking skills by English.

The school is committed to educating young people to meet life as a whole. Its philosophy is where one learns about the totality, the wholeness of life. Academic excellence is absolutely necessary, but equal importance is also given to an ongoing inquiry into the way we live our daily lives. All aspects of its curriculum embody its philosophy to foster critical reasoning and discussion in key discourses while at the same time establishing a critical awareness of the activities that the school is engaged in. This underlying framework provides a means to establish not only a mastery of the principles and practice of rigorous and logically informed reasoning in the individual disciplines themselves, but is part of an inquiry that extends beyond the mastery of the technical skills required of today’s world to an intelligence born of observation and self-knowing.

Cambridge International School is dedicated to providing high quality instructional programs to students of all ages that offer routes for all learners from Kindergarten through to University entrance.

Its Middle School/Junior High program is based upon the Cambridge Secondary program and offers a flexible curriculum with integrated assessment. It builds on the foundations of the Cambridge Elementary curriculum and is for 12-15 year olds. The Cambridge Secondary curriculum develops learners’ skills and understanding in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science and provides excellent preparation for High School courses.

The International School Program is designed to integrate the study of the social sciences and humanities on the one hand, and mathematics and science on the other. The program provides a coordinated and systematic way of drawing upon different disciplines so that students may experience interdisciplinary thinking and make important connections across subject areas. In so doing, students develop a proper understanding and interpretation of the relation between science and technology and society, and through informed discussion develop decision making skills necessary for the public good as international citizens of a culturally diverse and increasingly interdependent world. Students will foster critical thinking skills as well as be able to synthesize knowledge and reflect on their own thought processes.

1 thought on “Cambridge International School (Setagaya ward, Tokyo)”

  1. Hello. Good evening. Do you offer scholarships for internatioval students. If a child had scored 2-A* nad 6A in 2018 IGCSE exams. My hisband is working in yokohama and myself and children are waiting for visa to come through. My other two children are in grade 7and 6.
    Please let me know if schoarships are given to foreign students. Im from sri lanka. Thabk you.

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