Intellego Unit Studies K-8


Intellego Unit Studies is an integrative approach to web-linked, secular K-12 education that embraces the learning styles and multiple intelligences of every child.

Intellego Unit Studies was created by experienced educators in response to the concerns of children and parents regarding their curriculum being “boring, inadequate, limiting, out-dated, or just plain ineffective.”

Intellego’s mission is “to provide engaging curriculum that meets the needs of the 21st century student. Using the best resources available on the Internet, Intellego Unit Studies unites technology, learning style theory, and multi-sensory activities to help children reach their true academic potential.”(The Co-op received several samples of Intellego Unit Studies prior to launching this Group Buy. We were taken aback by the enormous amount of study materials included within these unit studies!) 

You can also purchase Intellego Unit Studies via

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