Reading Right Primary Core Curriculum; Reading Right Intervention Program

Read Right: Coaching Your Child to Excellence in Reading [Paperback]

Read Right Reading Programs for all ages focus on complex cognitive processing within the context of sentence reading, rather than phonics, decoding, and word identification. Read Right uses implicit procedural learning to help all kinds of students make the leap quickly and efficiently from basic skills to reading excellence.

From the Back Cover

The first book for parents based on the highly successful Read Right® program

According to the latest breakthroughs in cognitive theory and brain research, excellent reading ability doesn’t involve a set of “taught” skills. It’s a complex process that must be “figured out” by every reader. Scientifically documented as early as the 1960s, preschool-age children with a wide range of IQs are capable of figuring out the complex process for themselves. This stunning reality forms the basis of Dr. Dee Tadlock’s innovative Read Right® system.

This remarkable system provides the basis for simple techniques to help parents guide young children into their own reading excellence. There are no drills or artificial exercises—just fun, easy activities designed to be integrated into everyday life. Based on nearly twenty-five years of research, the Read Right® system is a proven alternative to outdated and incomplete phonics-based or whole-language methods. Most important, this interactive system can teach anyone, even adults, how to “figure out” the process of reading.

The Read Right® system’s three keys are:

  • Excellence: reading that feels comfortable and sounds natural
  • Intent: applying “mental force” until the brain achieves excellence
  • The Predictive Strategy: using experimentation to figure out the complex process
  • Includes recommended books for children and reference sources for parents.

Thirty years in development, this comprehensive view has been translated into:

  • An effective approach for early reading development (the book Read Right! Coaching Your Child to Excellence in Reading by Dee Tadlock, Ph.D., publisher: McGraw-Hill)
  • A well-defined system of small-group instruction for K-3 classrooms (the Read Right Primary Core Curriculum)
  • A highly structured small-group reading intervention program for all ages (the Read Right Reading Intervention Program for Grades 3-12, colleges, and adult literacy programs)
  • And, the new Read Right Online Tutoring Servicemaking Read Right tutoring available to everyone virtually every where


“The Read Right Reading Intervention Program (small group tutoring for Grades 3-12) and Read Right Primary Core Curriculum (classroom reading instruction for Grades K-3) are grounded in solid science associated with cognitive psychology, reading theory, learning theory, language acquisition theory, brain plasticity and more. ”

For building reading proficiency at the secondary level, read about the use of their program here.
RR has also been in the news spotlight:
SUCCESS WITH HIGH-POVERTY SCHOOL: Recognition for a School Using Read Right Intervention (Sep 21, 2010)
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GOLD-STANDARD RESEARCH: Read Right Significantly Increases Reading Comprehension (Jul 8, 2010)
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SPECIAL EDUCATION: Read Right Offers Hope for Students with Severe Reading Problems (Jan 10, 2010)
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RURAL COOP HONORED: Read Right Program Named Outstanding (Jul 2, 2010)
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TRANSFORMING STUDENTS INTO READERS: Read Right Offering Results (Nov 17, 2008)
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“We have parents with kids in college now who know their kids probably wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Read Right. I am definitely an advocate.”
–Melinda Reeves, 2004 Texas High School Principal of the Year

Dr. Dee Tadlock’s patented Read Right program has helped more than 20,000 struggling readers become excellent readers. Supported by 25 years of research, the revolutionary approach addresses both conscious and subconscious aspects of reading and offers you the most efficient and effective ways to help children learn. The three keys to becoming an excellent reader:

  • An appropriate concept of excellence (reading that makes sense, feels comfortable, and sounds
  • natural)
  • Strong intent (unwavering desire to read with excellence)
  • Predictive strategies (use of the brain’s amazing anticipatory systems to construct reading ability)

A revolutionary alternative to outdated phonics-based or whole-language methods, this complete interactive system includes:

  • Simple step-by-step coaching techniques to use with children
  • A list of age-appropriate reading materials suitable to early reading development
  • How to spot and address the real barriers to reading development

Remedial value:

It is generally difficult to find appropriate phonics-based or otherwise reading programs suitable for older children, youths – young adults. Reading materials are generally geared to the elementary school set, and are boring for students of the older grade through to the adult set. Thus RR fills an important vacuum with its reading intervention program. Details on this program from are excerpted as follows:

The Read Right Intervention Program does not seek incremental improvement for the struggling reader. It is designed to quickly eliminate the reading problem at its source. Our methods were developed over nearly 30 years, and they have been found effective through gold standard, third-party research. The Intervention Program is available in two formats:

  • The Classroom-Based Intervention Program: We train classroom teachers and aides to deliver highly structured small-group tutoring to students. Read Right methodology works for all kinds of students (including those diagnosed with dyslexia) and with all reading levels (including non-readers).
  • Online Tutoring Service: Read Right Systems, Inc. can provide expert tutoring directly to students via the latest Online video conferencing technology (requires access to a webcam, headset with microphone, and a computer capable of handling Elluminate! video conferencing technology). Online Tutoring is delivered by Read Right-trained tutors and is nearly identical to the classroom-based program. 

About the Author

Dee Tadlock, Ph.D. is cofounder of Read Right® Systems, Inc., an organization that grew out of a mother’s love and devotion to help her son learn to read. With a degree in education and an emphasis in reading, Dr. Tadlock has helped children and teens through school-based programs as well as adults at companies including Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, and Procter & Gamble. Visit Amazon’s Dee Tadlock Page here

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