Bullying news: 2 students sue classmates, local govt over bullying

The Yomiuri Shimbun

KOBE–Two Hyogo Prefecture high school students have filed a lawsuit against five minors, including three current schoolmates, demanding they and the Hyogo prefectural government pay 10.85 million yen in compensation for physical and mental harassment suffered by the pair, it was learned Sunday.

According to the suit filed with the Kobe District Court, the plaintiffs were bullied and beaten by the minors named in the suit, who were all students at a prefectural high school at the time, almost every day from around September 2006, when the plaintiffs were first-year students.

One of the pair suffered severe burns when the accused minors allegedly hit him with a stream of hot water of about 70 C when bathing at the school dormitory in December 2006, the suit said.

Hyogo prefectural police arrested the five in February and March 2007 on suspicion of involvement in the scalding incident. The school subsequently admitted the plaintiffs had been bullied.

(May. 5, 2008) Yomiuri Shimbun

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