Belgrave International Kindergarten & Preschool (Nerima-ku, Tokyo)

Belgrave English School website:

5th Fl., Hotokuen Bldg.
5-2, Nerima 1-chome, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

PHONE (03)5999-8849 TollFree:(0120)8849-99

Belgrave English School was founded in 1994 to give children the essential English skills they need to communicate and function as part of Japan’s growing international community. The school began as one branch in Nerima and has since expanded its service to include three branches in Hikarigaoka, Naka-meguro, and Meguro. With a staff of teachers from six different countries, Belgrave strives to impress upon its students the importance of thinking in a more global frame of mind.

Belgrave International Pre-school formed several years later, out of the success of the English School, modifying the school’s original purpose in order to include teaching of social-behavioral skills and appropriate classroom conduct. While the goals of the English School are specifically directed at language acquisition, the Pre-school focuses on the development of the child as a student and individual. Children are immersed in a safe, positive environment that affords them the ability to develop as an independent leaner. The Belgrave classroom emphasizes the importance of self-responsibility, tolerance, adaptability, teamwork, and the use of effective communication skills.

The Pre-school curriculum is comprised of basic vocabulary and phonics skills on which a rotated on a monthly basis. Topics include themes such as shapes, colors, prepositions, food, and seasonal themes. The curriculum acknowledges different learning styles and exposes each child to a variety of learning techniques including audio, visual, and tactile methods.

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