Morey English Academy (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Morey English Academy    (Minato-ku, Tokyo)         

Address: 3-15-13 Minato-ku Shiba YODA Bld. 4F Tokyo Japan 105-0014

Phone: 03 5765-6607 Contact them here

The international School catering to children of ages 5 to 18 years old, is run by the Director, Beverly Morey, who also co-founded Tokyo Gifted Academy (later re-named Tokyo Children’s Academy) and the Rivendale Montessori School. With over 33 years of professional teaching experience, and several Montessori certifications, and a child psychology degree, she also has a 20 year experience in working with intellectually advanced children, developing materials and curriculum to meet the needs of gifted and ESL students.

The Academy offers a program concentrates on four areas of language acquisition: Reading, listening, speaking and writing. Each lesson is one hour; students will spend approximately 15 minutes per area. Students can sign up for more than one lesson per day. Each area is integrated so as to maximize retention of what is being learned.

Once enrolled, the student will be given a proficiency test to place him/her in the correct level. Students are able to progress through the curriculum at their own pace, regardless of age or grade. The student must pass the exam at the end of each level to move to the next level; upon successful completion of a level the student will receive a certificate.

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