The British School introduces new FT Pre-A Level course

BRITISH SCHOOL BST Showa Campus – (Year 4 to Year 13)

Address: Showa Women’s University 5th Bldg.

1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-8533

Phone: 03 3411 4211

Scroll down to bottom of page to see history of the Showa campus.

Announcement from the school website:

The school has begun offering a from September 2013 BST will offer a challenging, premium, one-year foundation course (F1) in preparation for A Level.   *The modular nature of the course means that students may join at any point during the year, providing places are available and that they can demonstrate sufficient subject knowledge to make A Level study accessible by the end of the year.

This unique programme will be open to ambitious, self-motivated students who:

  • can demonstrate flair, creativity and an outstanding work ethic
  • wish to transfer to BST at the start of Y11 (for example, students who complete their studies at another international school at the end of BST Y10, or who transfer to Tokyo at the age of 15+)
  • wish to transfer to BST after the start of the A Level courses
  • require further academic preparation before starting their A Level courses

The course may also be suitable for very able students who will be working in their second language and wish to improve their spoken and written English before starting A Level courses.

The admissions procedure for all students will involve interview* and entrance examinations in English and Maths; applicants will be encouraged to bring a portfolio of past work to the interview, where appropriate. Although there will be no specific minimum entry requirement, this course is primarily aimed at students with genuine potential for leadership. Evidence of previous leadership experiences, significant community service and/or extra-curricular activity in areas such as music or sport will certainly be taken into account.

*Via Skype if necessary


  • English: GCSE equivalent English Language and Literature course (for native speakers); IELTS (or equivalent) preparation for EAL students – external accreditation of high level language skills will be essential for later university applications
  • Mathematics: GCSE/AS Mathematics course; students are most likely to join ability-appropriate GCSE classes – again, some form of external accreditation will be important
  • Science: students will follow an integrated Biology, Physics and Chemistry course with a variety of specialist units, including astronomy, chemical synthesis and elements of psychology
  • Foreign languages: a choice between Japanese, French and Spanish, all with the possibility of completing a GCSE or equivalent; or a self-study GCSE in the student’s native language
  • Social sciences: an integrated Geography, History, Business Studies, Anthropology, Politics and Sociology course intended to develop the skills required to study a social science at A Level
  • The Arts: an integrated Art, Photography, Film and Theatre course; Music (possibly GCSE) and individual instrumental lessons where appropriate
  • ICT: an innovative website and app design course, including an introduction to coding and the design of a working app for iOS or Android
  • Thinking skills: a philosophy/critical thinking course based on the best elements of the IB’s Theory of Knowledge and the AS Critical Thinking course (assessed by presentation in Term 3)
  • Independent study: a 4000 word extended project demanding original research
  • Communication: public speaking, presentation skills, LAMDA accredited units of work
  • Sports: a non-examined course followed by the rest of the year group; CSLA; first aid certificate
  • Community Service: regular work in the community and a service-orientated residential week
  • Leadership and Challenge: DoE Silver Award; BST outdoors autumn and winter Hakuba trips, and leadership responsibilities within school
  • ECA: sport, music, art and debating; House events

… The emphasis in all subjects will be on the development of relevant thinking and learning skills to prepare for A Level work and life at university. As far as is possible, the course will be tailored to the students’ needs bearing in mind their likely A Level subject choices with an emphasis on science,  the use of technology and the creative arts.

Students will experience different styles of teaching and learning. Classes are likely to be smaller than those they may have been in before and teachers will expect all students to debate and discuss issues as part of the learning experience.

*The modular nature of the course means that students may join at any point during the year, providing places are available and that they can demonstrate sufficient subject knowledge to make A Level study accessible by the end of the year.

For further information, or to arrange an appointment to discuss the F1 course with the course coordinator, please contact the BST Admissions Office:


In 2006, the Trustees therefore entered into an agreement with Showa Women’s University, which has a large, leafy campus with excellent facilities at Sangenjaya, 10 minutes west of Shibuya, and opened a second school in newly renovated accommodation on their campus. Both schools continued to grow, with parents being attracted by the growing reputation for academic excellence, care for individual student needs and a happy, international environment in which to learn and play.

Over the next 4 years the School moved the upper Primary Years to the Showa campus at Sangenjaya, in order to allow expansion to 4 classes in each year for the younger years at Shibuya, and opened new years at the top of the school in order to take children up to age 16. In 2010 the decision was taken to expand the school to age 18 and in 2012 the first students graduated directly to university.

Excerpted from the school webpage

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