Apple Bee website

475 Tokuo Machi, TKU Plaza 2F
Kumamoto-city, Kumamoto 861-5523  JAPAN

Apple Bee International School, started by Randall Miller and Mayu Maeda in April 2007, offers kindergarten students (2 – 6 years old), a Montessori style education while furthering their education in the English language. While adhering to a hands-on philosophy, a wide range of studies in Math, English, Social Studies,Science, Physical Education, Health as well as other subjects are offered.
The staff are mainly Americans experienced in child care and education who all possess a Bachelors Degree.
Facilities include a gymnasium, wide classroom with various resources for studying. Team teaching (native English speaker with bilingual Japanese speaker) is used.

Kindergarden hours are 9-2pm Mon-Fri
Day Care hours are: 3-5pm Mon -Fri
English lessons hours are: 5-6pm Tues – Fri