Kids International School (Aichi-gun, Aichi)

KIS website:

Location: 15-2, Nagaosa, Yazako, Nagakute-cho, Aichi-gun, Aichi 480-1103
Phone: 0561-62-7488, Fax:0561-64-5065 Email:
Located in Nagakute-cho, Japan, Kids International School is a private early childhood education school with for ages two through six. Its vision is to provide children with a strong base of self-esteem, develop and facilitate meaningful experiences, and grasp children’s curiosity to learn in an exciting and safe environment.  This is accomplished in a child-orientated environment in which a child feels free to question, research, and predict real life concepts that interest them through play, theme-based projects, and teacher directed activities. Kids International School practices team support, as well as  parent and family involvement in our children’s developmental path.
KIS uses a creative, standard-based curriculum in English that is adapted to meet the needs of each child’s level of development. It is creative in the sense that themes and activities revolve around child interests. 
KIS uses a balanced English language and literacy program. The components that bind this program  are English language classes, reading, dramatic play, vocabulary, discussion, whole language, phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, writing, spelling, and phonics.  In all age groups language and literacy are not taught separately, but as a whole through daily activities-usually surrounding a theme. However, children are also taught English as a second language, or Japanese as a second language two days a week in specially designed classes. In addition, when children reach the  five year old class, systematic explicit instruction in phonics using the reading program Primary Phonics, by Education Publishing Services,  becomes a part of the curriculum. Our decision to incorporate phonics into our program is based on research in the field of reading and language development.Math and science are also incorporated into the curriculum. The school day is also filled with fun activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, outdoor play, computers, gardening, and music.

Further note:

KIS is one of the four learning communities of the Education Network located in the Nagoya suburbs of Nagakute and Sakurayama, Japan. The four communities are Kids International School (KIS), Kids English Club (KEC), Sakurayama Prime School, and English Salon.  Each learning community provides a different educational experience.

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