Bldg 12-1012-16 Minimidenen, Fussa City, Tokyo 197-0004
Phone:    042-5391222
The preschool classroom focuses on the educational aspects in preparing the student for formal school. The school emphasizes the ‘safety of the nest for babies’ to those first tentative steps of exploring past the nest for older children. School surroundings are designed to open the child’s mind to the world that await.

The school philosophy is “learning through hands on. Classes and activities are age-appropriate.

The Creative Curriculum, lesson-planning system is completed by their staff of teachers, with the experience from the USA and combined with the Japanese Youchien (kindergarten) style that makes child’s learning process stimulating and safe. About 20 children from Yokota attend the school, which features an all-English curriculum.

AIEC students have taken part in several exchanges with Yokota base residents, including field trips. See online article about the preschoolers’ activities at the Yokota Airbase.