Educational resources offered Gifu Prefecture (Information from the Gifu International Center)

  • Sekai wa hitotsu by the Gifu International Center offers information on:
  • Japanese language classes available for foreigners living in the Tono region of Tajimi, Nakatsugawa, Ena and also in Toki.
  • the special entrant selection , procedures by all schools, courses and subordinate courses for foreign entrants of Gifu Prefectural Senior High Schools
  • Kani industrial Park’s main educational projects for foreigners:

A. Providing Information in Different Languages
An inquiry counter for foreign residents has been set up in the urban policy division. (4 coordinators for international relations conduct daily life consultations, interpreting, translating and more, in Portuguese, English and Spanish) An information magazine is published once a month in Portuguese and English and foreign language information e-mails are also sent by mobile phone.
B. Foreign Children Tutorial Projects
The Bara and International classrooms offer assistance for study and daily life to children through small steps.
C. School Grants for Foreign Children
In order to maintain the educational environment a fund was established in January, it’s target is 60 million yen worth of donations from the prefecture, city and private individuals
D. Multicultural Center Frevia
The Multicultural Center Frevia was built in 2007.
The center offers international information and daily life information for foreign nationals. It also conducts Japanese language classes, various types of consultations and offers a place for citizen exchange

  • Japanese language classrooms for Chinese
  • Portuguese language classes.

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