Visit Tarzania a.k.a. Forest Adventure / “Fôret de l’aventure” in Yamanashi, Chiba Prefectures, Okinawa … in 11 locations around Japan!

Forest Adventure has 11 locations (Yamanashi, Tarzania-Chiba, Ohira-Tochigi, Onno-Okinawa, Fuji, Asama-Guma, Sarutobi-Shizuoka, Odawara-Kanagawa, Yuzawa-Niigata, Hakone, Asago-Kyogo) all over Japan now. Read about the popular park’s concept below:


Mother Nature feels a lot more awesome when you’re dangling between enormous cedar trees, over ten meters above ground. That’s the idea behind Forest Adventure, where intrepid nature lovers are invited to follow high-wire courses—Tarzan swings, zip wires and all—around stunning natural forests.
The first “fôret de l’aventure” was established in Talloires, France, and its family-friendly thrills proved an instant hit. Other parks soon followed in France, Germany, England and Switzerland, before the concept spread to Asia. Japan’s first park opened in August 2006, in a prefectural forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji, 1,100 meters above sea level. It’s an eco-friendly experience in every way: the project was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and profits raised go directly towards forest upkeep.

Courses are available for groups, families or even couples. After a short safety briefing session, visitors are harnessed up and sent off on their own around the forest, moving from one raised platform to the next via bridges, ropes, swings and zip lines. The activities get more challenging as you progress, and there are escape routes on the more difficult bits should you want to bail out. The standard course takes two-three hours to complete, but the experience can be tailored according to your ability—and whether you’ve got young children in tow. Note that teens and children aged 18 and under must be accompanied by a parent.

Forest Adventure Mt. Fuji: 8545-1 Fujisan, Narusawa, Minami-Tsurugun, Yamanashi. Tel: 090-3345-0970 (Park); 0555−85−3227 (Office). Email: Advance booking recommended; online booking available.   

If you’d like to combine your trip to Forest Adventure with other attractions in Yamanashi, see “Forest Adventure, Narusawa Cave, and other attractions in Yamanashi prefecture” for ideas.

There’s also a Forest Adventure Park in Chiba prefecture known as Tarzania (since 2007): Forest of Life Resort, 1067 Higashidai, Mishou, Nagara-machi, Chousei-gun, Chiba prefecture Tel: 0475-35-0071

Source: Outdoor Japan also published as Forest adventure offers a good swinging time! (by Japan Today, Oct 6, 2010)

For information on Okinawa’s “Mori No Bouken” (Forest Adventure), see Forest Adventure Park, Okinawa and Forest Adventure in Onna for more details.

Japan Okinawa Onna Village Maeda 1525 View map Ph: 098-963-0088

Please note you need to make a  reservation to visit the park:


Phone 0475-35-0071 (Time/9:00~18:00)

Forest Adventure ONNA (OKINAWA)

Phone 098-963-0088 (Time/9:00~18:00)

To see all other locations, go to the map at Forest Adventure’s page.


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