Angel Planet Preschools a.k.a. Child Land Nursery Group (Tokyo, Yokohama and Kawasaki)

Angel Planet Website:
Child Land Inadazutsumi
Kawasaki-City, Tama-ku
Suge 1-6-25
Phone: 044-944-6210 Fax: 044-944-3862 Email:
Angel Planet (a.k.a. Child Land Group) operates a total of 11 preschools in western Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Yokohama, offering English and Japanese preschool programmes. Some schools also provide after school care for elementary school students. Each school provides lessons both in Japanese and in English. An environment for children to learn English (one of the most widely used languages in the world) is provided while allowing children to maintain their Japanese identities.Children of all ages spend time together at our school. The school philosophy puts a value on the importance of interacting well with others. Depending on the activity plan, younger and older children go for a walk or play in a school yard together.Multi-age school policy:

Child-Land Group offers preschools, after school care, as well as senior care facilities. By offering time for preschool children to meet the elderly, the elderly have a chance to acquire youthful energy from the children, and the schools also aim to educate the children to be more conscientious. The younger students become familiar with the older students, and the older students learn to take care of the younger ones. They freely play together in barefeet in the school yard in the evening.

The preschools also focus on education that will:

  • Develop autonomy and the power of creativity through activities
  • Respect individuality and uniqueness
  • Promote a spirit of compassion
  • Heighten awareness of the world

The school’s language policy:

“It is very important to speak both our native language of Japanese as well as English as a common language in the world. We use the both languages for daily communication. Our native English speakers use English and our Japanese staff uses Japanese when needed. We would like children to learn both languages.” — Source: Child Land Nursery School Website

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