Mini Max International School (Meguro, Tokyo)


8F, 3-1-4 Kamiosaki, shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 〒141-0021
Phone: 03-6909-1632 Fax: 03-6909-0706 Email:

Mini Max International School, is a newly opened English Kindergarten School at a convenient station location in Meguro.

The school was established in December, 2006 with the aim of giving English language and challenging academic program to children aging from 2 to 5 years old. The school boasts its innovative Early Childhood Education 1,000 hour achievement program (see and unique Mini Max approach. English phonics, Japanese, Math, Science-Geography-history, Art & Music appreciation are taught. Theatre puppetry shows are incorporated into the curriculum. Dance salsa, movement, gym and classes of golf are also incorporated into the program.
Why 1,000 hours? (60 hours per month) It is considered that 1,000 hours of listening exposure to English instruction is necessary before a child in Japan can learn to speak well (refer to this page for more (The number of hours of exposure to English is roughly the same as that spent on Japanese lessons.)

School philosophy: The school sees every child as a unique personality full of potential and strength. The school aims to provide the best environment for both children and teachers. The primary focus is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to all of the children.

The school has a culture club that offers many unusual cultural programs incorporated into the school curriculum, for example salsa lessons.

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