For ideas and tips on how to write good autobiographies, read the 10 tips given at How to write-an-Autobiography; HomeworkTips’ Autobiography.htm or How to write an  interesting biography; Writing’s How to write an Autobiography; Buzzle’s How to write an autobiography and Ten tips to writing a successful autobiography

Read “I am Joe’s Heart

Am Joe’s Heart by J.D. Ratcliff, an arresting article that was published in the 60′ in the Reader’s Digest, that was largely based on interviews with three distinguished physicians: Dr. Irvine H. Page of the Cleveland Clinic; Dr. Donald Tapley of Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons; and Dr. Irving S. Wright of Cornell University Medical College.

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Borrow one of these animal biographies from your local library.

Today’s Exercise: Write an autobiography of your own choice. Choose to the life story of an animal, a body part, flower or plant, some kind of useful or useless invention or of a type of vehicle.