Global Village International Preschool (Takatsuki city & Suita city, Osaka)

The largest international preschool in the northern area of Osaka prefecture, catering for 280 children between two and six years old in three different locations (plus around 160 after school students)
Takatsuki-Ibaraki school: 3-4-10 Miyata cho Takatsuki city Osaka,〒569-1142
Phone: 072-694-6000 Fax: 050-3644-9893 Email:
7-4 Tsukumodai Suita city, Osaka  565-0862 〒565-0816  See access map
Phone: 06-6878-6874 Fax: 06-6878-6925 Email:
“Global Village International Preschool was founded in 2001 in northern Osaka to accommodate a lack of quality English education for preschool students of all nationalities.
At Global Village, children learn and play in an English-speaking environment.
While children are taught in English our curriculum incorporates a wide range of learning experiences that provide exposure to various cultures. Children engage in a variety of activities that bring out strong points of both Western and Japanese cultures such as performing Kamishibai like “Momotaro” and “Kachi-kachi Yama” as well as giving speeches and performances to develop the confidence necessary to speak and act in front of others.
Our professional instructors are experienced in the demands and expectations of modern education and committed to the continued development of our students’ social and academic needs.
At present, nearly 250 students are divided into five class levels based on their age and English ability in three convenient locations. We also accommodate more than 150 After-School students ranging in age from Kindergarten to the 5th-grade of elementary school.
General description:
Global Village International Preschool caters for children between two and six years old in three convenient locations in the northern area of Osaka. Schools offer facilities with spacious classrooms, playground, gym, music room, library and computer lab. While children are taught in English, curriculum is based on the demands and expectations of modern education incorporating the best points of both western and Japanese cultures. Focus is on building students’ self esteem and confidence as primary skills to create learning experiences that will last. Besides studying basic concepts such as reading, writing and social studies, children progressively develop their fine and large motor skills in art and gymnastic classes and take part in hands on science experiments. Specialist teachers provide music and jazz-dance classes as part of the regular curriculum. Lunch is made in the school and based on a well-balanced diet to support fast-growing bodies. Extended daycare services are also provided.
School goals and philosophy
Ensure student’s success – Provide the services and environment every student needs for intellectual challenge and social and emotional development. Teachers will facilitate comprehension and expression skills beginning with oral and progressing to written language. Each student should be able to communicate effectively, obtain and use information to solve problems and engage in active, lifelong learning.
Interaction and Cooperation – Promote children’s social skills for diverse adult and peer relations, including listening, turn taking, following directions, rules and routines, group participation, care for shared materials and conflict resolution.

3 thoughts on “Global Village International Preschool (Takatsuki city & Suita city, Osaka)”

  1. Looking for job as an English teacher in your institution. Course offered in university is BSC. In. I C. The EDUCATION. Taught for more than 10 years. A native of Ghana in West Africa

  2. By far the worst place I’ve ever worked. They do not value their teachers at all and treat them horribly. Just a word of caution to anyone interested in working here. There are plenty of other teaching jobs out there.

    1. Are you a qualified teacher? I find many negative comments about preschools in Asia from non-qualified educators. My guess is non-qualified educators complain as they are unaware of and dissatisfied with the rigours of early childhood education. Teaching young children is quite a rigorous job and the hours can be long if the teacher is preparing for a performance or event.

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