Kansai International Academy opens another campus (Tennoji) in February 2012

Kansai International Academy Website: http://www.kansai-intlschool.jp/

[To inquire about Kansai International Academy individual schools, use the  Kansai International Academy contact form or phone 06-66433-3361 or contact schools directly, scroll down to bottom of page for more details]


With the newly opened campus, Kansai International Academy now has 7 campuses across the Kansai region (Higashi Osaka, Hirakata, Ashiya, Akashi, Himeji, and Kyoro) around the Kansai region , offering bilingual education to children living in Japan. The Kansai International Academy has two Kansai International Schools and five Sakura International Schools, however, there is a slight difference in course content, see Difference between Kansai International School and Sakura International School

Kansai International Academy’s mission statement is to raise leaders who will succeed in the international society.

Education at Kansai International Academy is an immersion program aimed to foster “Japanese with a global vision”.  Kansai International Academy values not only the ability to speak English, but to communicate effectively and Kansai International Academy schools teach the Japanese language and culture with much emphasis, in order to cultivate their students’ Japanese identity which is imperative in succeeding as a global citizen.

As for its English immersion program, Kansai International Academy aims to have 100% of its students pass the Grade 2 Eiken (the national English Proficiency Examination) before graduating elementary school…read more about its English program here. Unlike most other international schools, Kansai International Academy prides  itself in bilingual education and in treating Japanese language and culture with huge value. Although English is the official language within the academy, Kansai International Academy children have regular Japanese classes and can read and write Japanese at a higher level than other children of the same age.  Kansai International Academy has developed its own Japanese curriculum from G1 to G6, using textbooks commonly used in afterschool classes for advanced learning and a wide range of resources to cultivate our students’ abilities to think, apply and express. Kansai International Academy classes are aligned with the criteria of the Ministry of Education to support its students’ future education. Within its multilingual program, French and Chinese are also offered as electives.

Kansai International Academy schools have a mixture of Japanese teachers and international teachers from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, China and France, giving its children exposure to many cultural traditions and values.

A foundational feature of the school system is its strongly interconnected system of an Early Learning Center (aged 1-3 year olds), Kindergarten (aged 3-6 year olds) at all campuses and an Elementary School at Higashi Osaka.

The low student-to-teacher ratio enables teachers to focus more attention on each student in order to cultivate his/her individuality and creativity.

Kansai International Academy also has a Curriculum Lab consisting of full-time class teachers and specialized curriculum developers who are constantly working to implement the most effective and up-to-date curriculum and teaching methods. The Curriculum Lab ensures that the school curriculum is taught to a certain standard throughout all the campuses and provides training for the ongoing professional development of all teachers.

Kansai International School

Higashi Osaka Campus 1-5-10, Nagata, Higashi Osaka-shi
TEL:06-6784-0014 FAX:06-6784-0025
Kansai International School Higashi Osaka Campus access
Ashiya Campus 5-2 Horikiri-Cho, Nishinomiya-Shi, Hyogo-Ken,
TEL:0798-38-2222 FAX:0798-38-2228
Kansai International School Ashiya Campus access

Sakura International School

Kyoto Campus 122 Katsura Tokudaiji Kita-machi, Nishikyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Hyogo-ken,
TEL:075-382-1222 FAX:075-382-1211
Sakura International School Kyoto Campus access
Hirakata Campus 1-1-17 Meguri, Hirakata-Shi, Osaka-fu ,
TEL:072-840-9119 FAX:072-840-9229
Sakura International School Hirakata Campus access
Akashi Campus 13-11 Yonezawa Building 3F, Yamashita-cho Akashi-shi, Hyogo-ken,
TEL:078-914-7351 FAX:078-914-7352
Sakura International School Akashi Campus access
Himeji Campus 8-22, Minami Imajuku, Himeji-shi, Hyogo-ken,
TEL:079-297-5300 FAX:079-297-5301
Sakura International School Himeji Campus access
Tennoji Campus 1-5-10-400 Abeno Nini 4F, Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi
TEL:06-6643-3337 FAX:06-6643-3338
Sakura International School Tennoji Campus access

1 thought on “Kansai International Academy opens another campus (Tennoji) in February 2012”

  1. I have a daughter shes 4years old,she can speak english,tagalog & nihonggo fluently.I love to motivate other kids and have fun at thesame time. Learning and having fun while they event notice that they are already lead the generation. I wish someday i can be one of your instrument to help build new leaders.

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