Trilingual School(SEVEN SEAS) – Clematis Kindergarten

Trilingual International School & Kinder Clematis website


Nagoya Tokushige:Kamegahora 1-1205, Midori Ward, Nagoya, Aichi (MAP) TEL.052-876-2111 FAX.052-876-2010
Nagoya Office:Marunouchi 2-14-20, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi TEL.080-1609-5535 (Mon-Fri/9:00-19:00)
Gifu Kencho-mae:Yabutaminami 1-6-5, Gifu City, Gifu (MAP) TEL.058-278-3931 FAX.058-278-3936
Gifu Office:Shimonara 1-1-8, Gifu City, Gifu Phone: 058-268-7820 



A preschool/kindergarten and school that caters to students ranging from babies to adults. For students from 16 months to kindergarten age, childcare in an English immersion environment is provided and Mandarin Chinese is also taught.  The goal of the school is to develop well-rounded, caring, healthy students through classes such as social studies, science, environmental studies, world cultures, math, language, music, crafts, and P.E.  The school especially believes that the opportunity to play and exercise while surrounded by nature is indispensable for the children’s growth. At Clematis, P.E. (physical education) classes are delivered by a specialist instructor. In addition to developing English mastery (the global language) and basic Chinese skills, students are also prepared for elementary school entrance exams and the school makes sure that students retain their Japanese skills by teaching multi-studies (various subjects in Japanese). These classes include subjects such as Japanese characters, math, and general knowledge.
After our students move on to elementary school, we provide support in the form of after-school classes so the students can retain their language skills and prepare for junior high entrance exams; we help students excel in all subjects.
We want children to develop individual strength at an early age so they have the capability to achieve their dreams on their own. This is our wish. The possibilities for children are infinite. It is our hope that children with global communication skills and competencies will realize a bright and beautiful future.

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