Tokyo researchers develop quick test for depression (The Daily Telegraph)
TOKYO — A simple new blood test to diagnose depression producing a result within minutes has been developed by researchers at Keio University in Tokyo.

By measuring the concentration of phosphoric acid in the blood, the new test could help improve early detection rates of depression if performed during regular medical checks, according to the study.

The study, which was masterminded by the medical research group Human Metabolome Technologies (HMT), showed that patients with depression had a lower
concentration of what is known as ethanolamine phosphate.

Researchers were subsequently able to diagnose depressed patients on this basis with an 82 per cent success rate.

In an earlier HMT study, blood tests for diagnosing depression involved significantly more time-consuming DNA analysis of white blood cells.

Following clinical tests and application for Health Ministry approval, the company is aiming to make the depression blood test available to doctors within the next two years.