Passport School Homestay (in conjunction with American English Preschool of Fukuoka)

Passport School Homestay English Activity: This activity provides students with a goal directed, communicative task which will introduce them to vital words and sentence patterns related to family life, and give them practice putting them into use in a communicative setting. Host Family helps develop students’ strategic English by allowing them to practice requests, compliments, invitations, complaints etc.

‘The author, Arran, has a PhD in Linguistics, around 20 publications, and has taught at the level of associate professor in university in Japan. He has created a wide variety of teaching materials for EFL.

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Introduction and the purpose of the game
Students to work in pairs asking/answering questions provided in the handout provided.
The pairs to present a role play
e.g. Meeting somebody for the first time and asking information about the person and responding to the questions ( without the handout)  . 
Summary and conclusion
Passport School is joining hands with `American English Preschool` of Fukuoka. Thus, from April 2005, in addition to our classrooms in Tenjin and Nishijin, Fukuoka we will now be able to offer access to students wanting to study group lessons also in Karatsu, Yahata and Tobata, Kitakyushu and Ohashi in Fukuoka city. Passport School will continue to offer private lessons and homes lessons for kids or adults lesson requests throughout Fukuoka prefecture. Please note from April 2005 until March 2006, the school will be managed by Michael Connely and Suwa Mika of American English Preschool. As a result the school address has changed to Ohashi, Minami ku. Any enquiries to Mika on 090-1344-7537 or 0120-821-635.

>>>Send an enquiry to Mika here by emailing us and we will mail or call you back

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