Hiking Mt Tanzawa and the Lake Yamanaka area with a guide

NPO“HOJO-no-MORI” meaning “Fertile Forest” in Japanese, acts as “Tokyo natural environmentalists” with its goal for all people to learn wonderfulness and mystery of nature through its activities.

NPO. HOJO no MORI website: http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/hojonomori/english.html


HOJO no MORI owns a hut and a special field nearby Lake Yamanakako in Yamanashi prefecture, surrounded by forest. The hut, the base for its activities, is located in a fully natural environment encompassing the Mt. Fuji and Tanzawa mountain areas. You can enjoy a quiet atmosphere there. When the season comes, plentiful edible mountain herbs and mushrooms may be gathered. A stream runs through this area and it is utiltized as drinking water. The hut is set as a base and you can enjoy various outdoor menus, such as gathering edible wild plants

Today, it is said that nature in the Earth suffers. That in Japan is not an exception. We are not allowed to deteriorate Japan’s original scenery which our ancestors have been preserving. To preserve it, please acquire the good method of the conversation with nature. HOJO-no-MORI does the help. DO make a visit to our lodge!

Mountaineering Guide: Mr. Kimura Masayuki, qualified Forest Instructor. His hunting experience is more than 20 years. During the season, he hunts deer and wild boar around this area. His hunting stories would enchant you. Some of our routes are created by him, which are for wild animals, not on a hiking map.
Hojo no Mori conducts various events about preservation of natural environment as Tokyo Natural Environmentalist. In spring, camping in summer, mushrooming in fall and trekking all year around.

Email forest-r@zat.att.ne.jp for a mountaineering guide in HOJO no MORI and Tanazawa area.

HOJO no MORI doesn’t have a legal address! Please look at the map at our website and acknowledge the location. Call us before you come, and we will come to “HIRANO bus stop” to pick you up.
※ Transportation to “Hirano” depends on you
※ Express bus service is available from Shinjuku to Hirano. (Reservation Center: Call 03-5376-2222. One way 2,200yen, as of May 2004)
※ By car, either of TOMEI Express Way and CHUO Express Way is available. Check the traffic information.




In case participants are elementary kids or any handicapped, tell us when you apply. We shall take special safety plan. 

[DARWIN Course: for elementary/junior high school kids]
Combined with Nature Observation, Nature craft, Nature hunting etc.
[BEAGLE Course: for Beginners of Outdoor activities]
Combined with camping, hiking, gathering mountain herbs/mushrooms/nuts etc.
[SURVIVAL Course: for future Forest Instructors]
Combined with fishing, hunting, animal trekking, and nature science etc.
[HOJO no MORI Course: for the middle aged]
Hiking (2-3 hours) matched with your physical strength.

If you are not interested in hiking, you can find different activities in HOJO no MORI, such as looking for source of the stream, water insect, making smoked pork/fish , picking up mountain herbs/edible wild plants/nuts/animal trekking etc. Drinking water directly drawn from the stream.

2 thoughts on “Hiking Mt Tanzawa and the Lake Yamanaka area with a guide”

  1. I am interested in experiencing your place. We are a group of four people. I live in Tokyo.
    The dates are January 3 and 4. Is it too cold for one day trekking?
    Is there an Onsen close by?
    Thank you,
    Suvendrini Kakuchi

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