Rokkasho International School (Rokkasho village, Aomori prefecture)


Address: 1304-2 Nozuki, Obuchi, Rokkasho,
Aomori 039-3212, Japan

Phone: 81-(0)175-73-7280

Rokkasho International School is run on a commission by the Aomori Prefectural Government to offer an international education primarily for the children of researchers and technicians for the Broader Approach (BA) Activities. It is located in Rokkasho Village, Aomori Prefecture in Northern Japan. Children at Rokkasho International School follow an international style of education based in the English language, setting the groundwork for success wherever their families decide to relocate to after their time in Japan.

The school offers a preschool section, for children between the ages of three and five, and elementary and middle school sections that run from grades 1 through 9.

The Aomori Prefectural Government, tasked with caring for the educational needs of children of foreign researchers and technicians in Rokkasho participating in the BA Activities, set up a school for the children of those affiliated with the BA Activities. The school first opened in September 2008, under the management of an existing international school in Japan, but had to close in July 2012 along with the relocation of all the students.
Under the management of a private company in Japan, the school re-opened in May 2013 with a new preschool section.
International Education and Training Center/Hall