Waldorf Schools in Japan Directory

According to Daily Yomiuri, Jun 14, 2005, there are 7 Steiner schools in Japan, 2 in Kanagawa and one each in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Tochigi, Gifu and Kyoto prefectures, out of the 950 Steiner schools worldwide…however, a perusal of our listing below shows more. See also J. Waldorf schools (Steiner Gakuen)& yagaku moral education a la Steiner philosophy reported

3892-1 Sakamoto
Chonan-machi, Chosei-gun, Chiba 297-0122
Tel.: +81-475-463881, Fax.: +81-475-463880
E-Mail: info@ashitanokuni.jp     See also Ashita-no-kuni Rudolf Steiner Gakuen Primary School to open in Chiba pageFUJINO STEINER SCHOOL
2805-1 Fujinocho-Nagura
Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 229-0207
Phone.: +81-42-686-6011, Fax.: +81-42-686-6030
E-Mail: hata0103@smile.ocn.ne.jpFujino Steiner School was formerly RUDOLF STEINER SCHOOL (a.k.a NPO TOKYO STEINER SCHULE) (Grades 1 – 12) See also Fujino Steiner Gakuen / Freie Fujino Steiner Waldorf Schule for first hand blogged experiences at the school.
(Old link http://www.steiner-schule.or.jp link is obsolete, and the school has moved to Fujino, please see new website for new address)
Instruction is in Japanese. The school also has “Saturday School” for children going to other schools. The eurythmist there (Hata-sensei) also gives adult classes. The school has been existed as a non-accredited school for delivering Waldorf education on art. Under policy of the education as art. The school has recently been accredited as a private school in Kanagawa Prefecture and thanks to the Koizumi cabinet’s deregulation program called Kozo Kaikaku Tokku the school may be established without having to own its own land and/or buildings as well as unstandardized curriculum. The school may also be able to give you info on another group trying to get a school started in Machida.



3-19-23-1003 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo (7 minutes from Shinagawa JR station)
Phone: 03-3473-6896 (Contact Mrs. Toku Nakashima) Fax: 03-3473-7410

The school’s mission is to provide special education and therapy in order to support children with special needs such as developmental disabilities (ADHD, PDD, LD), Autism, CP and so on. Services include motor-skill training, coordination with eye and motor-skills, speech therapy (revised ABA), movement exercises, art activities, social skill training and communication skill training. The school operates a full-time day school programme is called self-acquired applied behavioral learning/advanced applied behavioral approach, with an individual program according to original IEP plan. Individual counseling and program design will be done by Professional Occupational therapists and psychologists. Family counseling will be included in the session. The school is also well-known for its tutoring program and/or after-school program according to individual’s needs in which arts and fundamental learning activity based on Waldorf-Steiner and Montessori is also included. A small Waldorf-Steiner day school has also been opened since September 2004 by Ms. Nakagawa (with support from Ms. Nikki Sanders who was active in Steiner schools in Michigan for more than 20 years) opened for children aged 3 – 7 with an English-language curriculum only but some staff speak Japanese. The school is also accepting students with special learning needs with a specialist teacher on hand.


83-2 Azashinonome-machi
Toyoura-cho Abuta-gun
Hokkaido 049-5411
Tel.: +81-142-83-2630, Fax.: +81-142-832630
E-Mail: info@hokkaido-steiner.org

or see http://www.michaelcollege.org

6-13 Hokkaido 052-0001
Phone: 0142-25-6735 Fax: 0142-25-6715 Email: info@michaelcollege.org

KENJI-no GAKKOU a.k.a NPO TOKYO KENJI SCHOOL (Elementary – High School)

6-20-37 Shibazaki-cho
Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, 190-0023
Tel.: +81-42-523-7112, Fax.: +81-42-523-7113
E-Mail: info@tokyokenji-steiner.jp

Tokyo Kenji School is a NPO corporation started and run by Toriyama Toshiko who has incorporated the educational ideas and cosmologies of R. Steiner and Miyazawa Kenji into the school’s original curriculum. The elementary course has eight grades, and the number of pupils in each class is limited to less than twenty. They also provide workshops for youths and teachers. The classes respect individual feelings and aim to establish the harmony of body and soul. Other teachers are trained by Toriyama after school through their discussions of the day’s lessons. In 2006, the school expanded its classes through high school grades.


94 Minamihokotate Kodo
Kyotanabe, Kyoto, 610-0332 Access map at URL:http://school.kyotanabe-steiner.jp/access.html
Phone: , Fax.: +81-774-6433-34
Email: ktsgkyoin@gmail.com

2-27-7 Inakoshina, Tokyo, Mitaka-shi, 181

KOMAZAWA PARK INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL (2 – 6 years; elementary – jr high evening programme)

4-26-17 Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0081
Phone/Fax: 03-5707-0979 Email: contact@kpischool.com

Begun operating in September 2000, the school incorporates the spirit and positive elements of the 3 leading educationalists of early childhood education (Montessori, Steiner, Froebel). Teacher:student ratio : one teacher, one sports trainer and one music teacher: ten children. The Evening & Saturday Elementary Programme is designed to maintain and improve the English level as well as to foster Western cultural awareness of Japanese returnees, children who want to continue learning English in Japan and half-Japanese children who attend Japanese schools. The program makes use of similar methods as many international schools when we teach students how to express their thoughts and conduct research; deliver an effective presentation; and discuss their ideas at age-appropriate levels at a high English calibre. The amount of course time devoted to doing research, creating and practiciing presentations increases as children gorw older and improve their language skills. Upon completing the Evening Junior High Program, students will have received the instruction and training to the point where they can conduct research presentations and give speeches with the presuasive power needed to convince anyone from any country, and theyll be at the same level as, if not hgher than students who attend international schools.

3-16-63 Higashi-kurume-shi Tokyo 203-0023 Phone: 0424700843

3-17-11 Minamisawa Higashikurumeshi
Tokyo 203-0023
Phone: +81-424729169
Fax: +81-424729170
Email: Yojikyoikukyokai@aol.com

325 Nasumachi Takaku-Ko, Tochigi-ken, 6394-1

Website: http://www.wicc.tv/izumi/index.html
65-8 Matsugae-Cho, Date City, Hokkaido 052-0012
Phone / Fax: 0142-22-0309 Email: hibiki@phoenix-c.or.jp
The school has been designated a free school.

PTC PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (2.5 – 6 years) (English medium)
Website: http://www.ptc-school.com/en/index.htm

5-11-5 Shimouma Setagaya-ku Tokyo, 154-0002
Phone: 03-5481-9425 Fax: 03-5481-9425 Email: info@ptc-school.com

Located in Shimouma, Setagaya Ward, near Yutenji Station, it offers Steiner method instruction (explained at URL:http://www.ptc-school.com/en/attitude.htm) in a cozy kindergarten environment. School Principal Yoko Takatsuka embarked on extensive study periods in the U.S. and Germany and has become well versed in Steiner methodologies. The emphasis is on children developing confidence and getting back to nature.

3-14 Matsugaoka, Yokohama shi, Kanagawa ku 221 Phone: 045-32-33737

7141-1 Yaho Kunitachi-Shi, Hoshinoko, Tokyo

Tokyo Nerima-ku, Toshimaen
Phone: 03-3557-0292

55 Kokuzodani, Osumi, Kyotanabe-City, Kyoto
Phone: 81-77-463-0950


(THE) CHILDREN’S GARDEN (preschool and after school class) (English medium)

3-12-19 Honcho, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Phone: (0422) 20-5055) Email: tcgjapan@yahoo.com

The school’s pedagogy and philosophy share elements from the Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia (project based approach) and any other discipline which promotes the importance of child directed, experienced based learning which enhances the development of the whole child. Rich natural experiences are emphasized and outdoor trips will be planned for as often as possible during the year. The school which opened in 2002 offers a full day English content based preschool (9:30 am – 2:30 pm) along with an after school class for English speaking children who attend facilities outside, Saturday special activity classes, and a bilingual class focusing on the creative arts. It is located in Kichijoji about 10 minutes directly west from the Kichijoji JR central exit straight down Nakamichi-dori (this street continues on from the main street which runs in front of the station past Parco). Bilingual elements in the program include bilingual storytimes/singing and will be expanded gradually.

85-1 Yamazato-Cho, Showa-Ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture


3-1-20 Kirigaoka, Midori-ku
Yokohama-shi Kanagawa, 226-0016
Tel.: +81-45-922-3107, Fax.: +81-45-922-3107
E-Mail: gakuen-info@yokohama-steiner.com

More listings of Japanese Steiner style-cum German schools can be found at this page Doitsu-no-gakkou-to-Shutainaa-hoiku-o

From the grapevine:

Rombini Yochien in Kanazawa Bunko (within walking distance of the JR station) By word of mouth, Rombini is a small school with about 12 kids in a class.

In Zushi: There is another Japanese Steiner preschool operated out of a residence in Zushi that is said to be excellent.


Sources: The Waldorfschulen page and the WaldorfChild.org

Other related Japanese Steiner or Waldorf Related Educational websites

A further Listing of Japanese Steiner Schools may be found at Infokids a Japanese page explaining the key precepts of a Steiner education.

Rudolf Steiner College website’s Japanese pages

There are more Japanese Waldorf schools listed here.

Contact the Japanese Association for Steiner/Waldorf kindergartens to obtain details of the nearest Waldorf school near you


〒203-0023 東京都東久留米市南沢3-17-11
Email: info@jaswece.org Fax. 042-472-9169

A Japanese listing of Steiner schools is at Nihon no Shyutaina Gakko

Steiner education research page (in Japanese)

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  2. Hi, I´m form Brasil and a friend of mine is traveling to Japan and I´m willing to buy one of those special waldorf school backpack to my daughter who will become 7 years old next year. Would you please tell me where can I buy ?
    Tanks a lot

    1. We asked somebody with a daughter in a Waldorf/Steiner school and she said, “Kids walk by with hiking packs. Younger kids have lightweight knapsacks, made of cotton, but not specific to the school.” Maybe there are a few schools that have a special schoolbag, or do you mean the usual “randoseru” that most Japanese students carry to school in elementary school? If you mean the randoseru (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randoseru), you can buy those at any department store in Japan (either the children’s department or the stationery department, sometimes the furniture section when they are having a “back-to-school” or first years/first term promotional sale. If you specifically want Steiner students carry, then try contacting any of the schools on our Waldorf school listing https://educationinjapan.wordpress.com/the-scoop-on-schools/waldorf-schools-steiner-education-directory/

  3. I and my 3 years old kid moved from Thailand and had a class of waldorf in Thailand. I prefer my son to study the school in Japan. We will live at Saitama, Soga station. What is tge school close to our living place.
    Thanks and best regards,

  4. […] Waldorf Schools in Japan Directory | EDUCATION IN JAPAN … – According to Daily Yomiuri, Jun 14, 2005, there are 7 Steiner schools in Japan, 2 in Kanagawa and one each in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Tochigi, Gifu and Kyoto prefectures …… […]

  5. Hi, sir
    I am one who charged ‘Harvery & Maclaurin’s school’; we are very thank you for pressing this blog. Unfortunately, our waldorf school is this address below.
    we are running both schools. This ‘International House of Waldorf’ is more focus to Waldorf education. Please change this address instead of ‘Havery and Maclaurin’s school.’ Thank you.

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