Resources for parents of children with Down Syndrome

Japan Down Syndrome Network Homepage (in English);

(Japan) Down Syndrome International (in Japanese)

Down Syndrome Society (in English) –  2-2-8 Nishiwaseda Shinjyuku Tokyo 〒162-0051  Phone: 03-5287-6418 FAX: 03-5287-4735. E-Mail;

The Japanese Association for Parents of Children With Down Syndrome (Phone: 03-3369-3462 – Japanese only though / 1-10-8-203 Kita Shinjuku, Shinjuku ward, 169-0074 ) of use.

For educational consultations and help in finding schools, try the following:

Behavioral & Educational Consulting (BEC) or join the Special Kids Japan (SKJ) list whose forum members might be able to help. BEC is in Kobe and offers a free first consultation, but they might be able to refer them to somebody else in Tokyo.  Japan Portage Association provides individual teaching programs as well as curriculum support for group and classroom settings.

However, in principle, when you have moved into a new neighborhood, it would usually be helpful to go to the ward/city office- kuyakusho or shiyakusho where they will hand over a print list of yochiens/schools/educational institutions – it’s really their place to handle these things. Some ward offices have a dedicated educational consultant. In some cities, there is a Foreigner’s Guide for Living that is handed out or a website homepage that you can look up. Readers might find it helpful to read Mark Warshauer’s account of their experience moving to Japan and finding a yochien/hoikuen in Tokyo “Enrolling my Kids in Japanese Kindergarten/Daycare (Hoikuen)” (this takes you to an external link).

There is also an International Down Syndrome Clinic (source) at:

University of Tokyo
Department of Maternal and Child Health
7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo

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