Kanagawa International School (Totsuka-shi, Yokohama)

Website: http://kischool.com

141 Totsuka-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama shi, Kanagawa

Phone: 045-841-3928

The school offers an exciting program, which puts emphasis on the development, of each student’s individuality. As the result of this program, students are able to establish one’s identity, and enhance their self-organization skills. The school aims to educate the students into persons who have the capability to work in any community of the world. Inside the classrooms, students are expected to speak in English. Conversations held in other languages will not be permitted, as English is the common language worldwide and therefore should be spoken in the classrooms.

Readiness Program is a system to extend each student’s abilities up to the level where they are able to proceed their education in an international school. The teachers are trained to guide the students through English conversations, reading & writing, arithmetic, comprehension skills, ways to perceive given information and ways to appeal their senses. We follow the best-suited education system and have thoughtfully selected the textbooks. See more on curriculum goals at http://yip.zero-yen.com/lesson.html

The school offers programs for :

Preschool (From age 2 up to 6 years old

Elementary Class (From age 6 to 9 yrs)

3 thoughts on “Kanagawa International School (Totsuka-shi, Yokohama)”

  1. To whom this may concern:
    My son is turning 8 years old this May 2016 and just finished his second grade in elementary school in an American affiliated Montessori back the Philippines.
    My husband and I are planning to take him with us here in Japan. We would like to inquire in your good school regarding transferee’s policy and procedures.
    Luz Koyama
    Mobile #s: 09089488671 or 09030407821

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