Kyoto University’s COE program and Japan-Russian School of Young Mathematicians Program

Kyoto University is among the leading institutions of mathematics in the world. 

The Department of Mathematics’ Global COE program:

The program seeks to foster international leaders in the field of mathematics research and experts in advanced mathematics working in various fields in academia, industry and society.

Toward that goal the COE program is to appoint an advisory board of company executives and researchers from the banking, insurance, construction, information technology, bioscience, and economics sectors. With the help of this advisory board, an educational program will be launched to train graduate students to become experts in mathematics, working in a range of industries and research institutes.

The U will invite active researchers from various fields in industry and academia to train our graduate students in order to enhance their career path options after graduation. The University aims to establish a more flexible standard of doctoral degree in mathematics that is suitable for those who have acquired a high level of mathematical knowledge and are ready to work in various fields in academia and industry. It will implement an interactive learning system in the graduate school with helps by postdoctorial fellows.

The department also aims to cultivate students who will become good (junior or) high school teachers after the graduation. The University will implement a system to assign graduate students to teaching assistants (TA) and research assistants (RA) to give a financial support and improve the teaching skills.

The program also seeks to give young mathematicians opportunities to conduct their research abroad, by providing financial support and by helping them contact host institutions in foreign countries. In particular, see the kind of program activity and fields of study that are ongoing  with the Japan-Russian School of Young Mathematicians at Program (PDF)

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