Kinder Kids International School Nagoya

Add: 5-1 Hayato, Hiroji-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi
Phone: 052-861-2881
Access: Subway Tsurumai Line
Irinaka Station (7 minutes walk)
The Kinder Kids International School franchise has opened a new school on April 12, 2010, currently offering only nursery and toddler classes in Nagoya.
The new school has 7 classrooms, a play room, cooking room, nurse room, huge school yard, and spacious gym. (See photos at here) There is a big park with a pond next to the school where it is a great location for children’s development.
Experienced staff will support the Kinder Kid’s English and development in an environment where non-English-speaking children with a Japanese parent can be immersed in English. Kinder Kids was started in 2000 by Kimiko Nakayama, with its own specially developed curriculum. Kinder Kids currently has 11 other schools throughout Japan.

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