Camp programs in Hokkaido

Elementary through high school:

Steven’s Stables’ English camps and other activity camps

English immersion summer camp by Kids Sports &. Health in Hokkaido, run by Sunnyside, ABC and other English schools


Organized by JETs

HEC summer camp

About the Hokkaido English Challenge contest and ssummer camp

Labo homestay in Japan – For students 14 – 18

This IYHA camp run on Yoron Island (spring. winter camps) and Mt Fuji camp sound interesting, involves an exchange

Higher -Ed camps:

Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF) has offered an 8-week intensive summer program (Japanese language and culture program) combined with homestay …

Other kinds of camps:

Jazz music – Sapporo Groove Camp A music camp that offers lessons by professional jazz musicians, and where a scholarship to a music camp in the US is given to the best student.

Resort. Sahoro Summer/ Fall Camp Club Med for 1 individual adult/child (3-11 years) package for 4 days. Camp includes the very popular English immersion camp, the Circus School, as well as nature challenge school, and many hands on activities including bread-making, milking cows, potato picking, fishing, T-shirt designing and making. Dates: Jun 4-Sep 10; Sep 17-Oct 15. Taking advantage of the beauty of Hokkaido’s country landscape, Club Med like all its other facilities elsewhere knows all about organized fun, and offers good value for money in terms of food and accommodation. The only thing is you have to blow your expenses on your airfare to the north country.

On your own, self-organized family summer camp resources (commercial or pte. operators):

Everything you need to know about being in Hokkaido with kids, see Hokkaido for kids in summer


Hokkaido summer camp or farm work camp available

See EdVenture pamphlet


The Cibolo Nature Center programs –
Outdoor classroom has about 45 thousand children a year as its the school field trips come through. We have about hundred and thirty programs to bring people to the Nature Center to relate the Nature. Programs are for little babies, classroom of school children, families and so on. Some other activities we have are summer camp, nature camp and art camp – to get children to nature with art, they really listen and understand nature more deeper. We also take a program into the schools for children who can not come to the Nature Center. See this page for more details

Tobiu Art Camps (Day art workshops)




For summer camps in other locations in Japan, see this page

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