Sunnyside International Kindergarten (Gifu & Tochigi) offer bilingual education

4-10-25 Iwai, Gifu-city, Gifu-prefecture, 501-3101
Phone:     058-241-1000    , Fax: 058-244-1006 Email: / mitch[at] (in English)
Affiliated to Watanabe Gakuin, the international program was started at Nagara 2nd Kindergarten, Gifu City in 2001 and became officially registered Japanese kindergarten meeting the guidelines set by Japan’s Ministry of Education (MEXT) as a private kindergarten (shiritsu youchien).
A regular Monday through Friday preschool curriculum, as well a once a week class for two year olds. 50-50 English/Japanese bilingual immersion classes are team-taught by a Japanese teacher and a foreign native English teacher.
School bus available. The school offers large playground and grass area, swimming pool and a range of extra curricular classes such as soccer, English (in addition to daily immersion) and piano.

Second location:
2153-1 Oaza Kamigamou, Kaminokawa, Kawachi-gun, Tochigi-ken 329-0617
Phone / Fax:     0285-56-6653     Email:
Facilities and program similar to the Sunnyside in Gifu prefecture.

5 thoughts on “Sunnyside International Kindergarten (Gifu & Tochigi) offer bilingual education”

  1. Both locations operate with English instructors in tandem with Japanese instructors. Classes are not (unfortunately) immersion-style; the Japanese instructors speak in Japanese, and the English instructors speak in English with different lesson plans usually unrelated to their Japanese counterparts. Additionally the Gifu location has a larger English base with a friendlier atmosphere while the Tochigi location stresses more traditional teaching and stronger discipline (and usually less English). Children usually leave with a basic to moderate level of English, depending on the passion of their English instructor.

  2. How do you become an English teacher at one of the schools? I went on their websites and there is no information. I am currently a teacher in America and am interested in teaching English in Japan!


    1. There are various places that advertise for English teachers, one of them for eg. is gaijinpot – If you click on it right now you’ll see a few ads for teachers, eg. Groovy Intl School. Another page to read for pointers on job hunting in Japan would be Finally, the owner of an international school and member of our online forum here suggested that if you write in cold to the international school you are interested in, you shouldn’t send a general email or query. You should send in a professionally written cover letter, with attached full resume/CV without any grammatical errors, and you should have done your homework on the school you are interested in. Otherwise, they won’t bother to respond to your query for an opening.

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