Resources for the Spelling Bee

Ever wonder where kids who go for Spelling Bee competitions get their spell-lists from?

Well, the Scripps National Spelling Bee website offers a Study Zone to help kids prep with these free spelling resources:

1. 2008 Spell It! official study resource from Merriam-Webster, available at

2. Audio Paideia

2. Carolyn’s Corner, a 36-week study course offered during the traditional school year

3. Merriam-Webster’s A Dictionary of Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms

4. The Consolidated Word List


The Consolidated Word List is a compilation of over 100 Scripps National Spelling Bee word lists dating as far back as 1950. It appears below in four sections totaling 794 pages. It is FREE. There are 23,413 unique words. Parts of speech, language origins, pronunciations, definitions, and sentences are provided for 10,139 (43%) of these words.

Please note that the Consolidated Word List Files posted below were first posted online in early 2004. The Bee has no immediate plans to update the Consolidated Word List.

The Consolidated Word List is in Adobe Acrobat® portable document format (PDF). To access these PDF files, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer. Chances are good that the Adobe Acrobat Reader® is already installed on your computer. However, if it is not installed on your computer, click here to download it. It is FREE.

I. Preface , Pronunciation Key, and Guide for Language of Origin: (3 pages, 269k)

II. Words Appearing Infrequently

Pages 1-51 (311k)
Pages 52-103 (316k)
Pages 104-153 (308k)

III. Words Appearing with Moderate Frequency

Pages 1-60 (384k)
Pages 61-120 (385k)
Pages 121-180 (383k)
Pages 181-240 (279k)
Pages 241-289 (327k)

IV. Words Appearing Frequently

Pages 1-59 (400k)
Pages 60-118 (396k)
Pages 119-177 (399k)
Pages 178-237 (404k)
Pages 238-297 (402k)
Pages 298-349 (361k)

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