Zenrin Gakuen, (Tadotsu, Kagawa prefecture) – an unusual school offering a specialized martial arts program

Formerly called the Shorinji Kempo Academy, Zenrin Gakuen is an unusual school in that in addition to the division offering a regular general academic educational program, it also has other divisions offering a business administration program, and as well as a specialized program teaching the practice of Shorinji Kempo martial arts as well as practical agricultural training. Students grow vegetables according to their own plans within a given budget. The school is located on a corner of the grounds of the Shorinji Kempo headquarters. The school is located in Tadotsu, Kagawa prefecture.

Students come from all over Japan to attend the high school, with many having had previous Shorinji martial arts training, and the majority of the high schoolers are dormitory students.

Each day, the students begin school in Kempo gear doing a 15 minute meditative chinkon-gyo service and they sit in zen meditation pose.

Source: Zenrin Gakuen, Web Japan


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