Temple University

Temple University
“Founded in 1982, Temple University is the oldest and largest American university operating in Japan. While other foreign-based colleges have come and gone, Temple has survived, thanks to a number of innovations in the market

One of these innovations has come through an understanding that the local English-speaking adult student population (Japanese and foreign), while wanting to gain higher qualifications, was hamstrung by the need to hold down full-time jobs and support families and mortgages. Thus in 1996, Temple became the first MBA school in Tokyo to offer an executive MBA (EMBA) which would allow working executives to study in their free time. 200 professionals have since gone through the program, and it is now ranked 14th in the USA and 25th worldwide in term of quality and performance.

Indeed, innovation is a hallmark of Temple University, perhaps appropriate given that it offers MBAs. According to William Swinton, TUJ Assistant Dean and a graduate of the program, “the beauty of EMBA classes, held on Saturdays only, is that our students can continue to work as they study. While an EMBA offers usable skills and an immediate return on investment, the ultimate value comes in personal development. At TUJ, we help managers understand themselves so they can become effective leaders.” – Source: Getting an education in Tokyo January 2004 Japan Inc– by John Dodds

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