Abroad International School (Osaka/Sendai/Nagoya/Okayama)

AIS website: http://abroadschools.jp/

AIS is an international school offering an English educational setting for children from infants (1 year old) to primary. Classes are generally attended by one native English teacher, and one professional bilingual supervisor.

AIS is a kindergarten and primary school taught in English. Therefore the curriculum includes all educational topics, such as Science, Math, Social Studies, Drama & Art. By providing a varied curriculum, children develop their English Language skills as part of their daily lives, encompassing all possible vocabulary including specialized areas.

The international preschool offers an English immersion programme in a colourful and multicultural enrichment environment.  The curriculum covers the following areas: creative arts, language and literacy, logic-mathematics,  science, social studies, social and physical development.

Abroad’s curriculum provides a blend of free-play and carefully structured activities to teach early concepts. Activities throughout the day are planned that enable children to make choices. This element of choice, allows children to develop skills at their own pace with the appropriate assistance of the teacher. This child-centered curriculum encourages autonomy, inquiry and social competence. At the same time, each child is taught to take responsibility for their self and their actions. More curriculum details at these pages on their curriculumacademics. AIS aims to provide a high quality curriculum that is in the process of obtaining Cambridge accreditation.

Osaka ( 〒550-0014 1-3-2 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-JAPAN Being Yotsubashi Bldg 5 Ph: 06-6535-0500)

Nagoya (〒Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Naka-ku Sakae 2-12-12 Shirakawa Park Bldn 6th Fl Ph: 0-52-203-8087)

Sendai (〒980-0811 仙台市青葉区一番町2-5-1 大一野村ビル6 Ph: 022-213-7767)

Okayama (〒700-0903 Okayama-ken, Okayama city, Okayama Kitaku, Saiwai-cho 8-21 Okayayama Saiwai-chou Bldg 3F Ph: 086-221-0144)

Contact us: http://abroadschools.jp/okayama/contact-us/

8 thoughts on “Abroad International School (Osaka/Sendai/Nagoya/Okayama)”

    1. The addresses for this kindergarten school in Sendai are:

      〒980-0811 仙台市青葉区一番町2-5-1 大一野村ビル6F


      〒981-3203 仙台市泉区高森4-2-540

      They have two campuses there. Can you ask which one her niece was
      working at? It’s possible to look at google maps using the above
      search criteria and find out if either one was in a neighborhood hit
      by the tsunami.

  1. I had a 12years old daughter in philippines, but i will take her here in japan to live with me, but she doesnt know how to speak japanese. Is it possible to teach her learn how to speak and write japanese even she is already 12 years old?

    1. Yes, it is always possible to learn another language later in life. But it will take hard work and effort on the part of the student and resources and constant support and encouragement on the part of the parent. And you have to be prepared to divert some time and energy from primary language and general studies to focus on the new language, and to overlook a possible slide in grades in other subjects (there may or may not be any). It will also depend on the kind of program you choose for learning Japanese…

  2. They changed their website recently.
    Is.ablc.jp or abroadschools.jp can be used to contact them.

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