Globis International School

Business school operator Global Corp. opened Globis International School (GIS) in Oct 2006–an institution aimed at teaching management skills in English. Website:

The school offers the International Management Program (IMP) that has the following features:

(1)  The program comprehensively covers the management skills needed by businesspeople posted abroad and by managers who communicate in English as part of their leadership responsibilities. The eight sessions include such topics as “Organizational Behavior and Leadership” and “International Management in Action.” 

(2)   Taught entirely in English, the classes build skills and confidence through a hands-on approach in which students engage in presentations and discussions in English under a business framework. 

(3)   Every lecturer is an expert in cross-cultural management with extensive experience in international settings.  
(4)   The program is designed as an intensive program of two months (2 days per month) so that training can be completed with a short lead time from assigning the employee to actual stationing overseas. 
A pre IMBA program and International MBA program are also being offered.

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