Sumire Kid’s Academy (Ishikawa City, Chiba)


Location: 1-10-21 Takara, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken 272-0122
Phone: 359-4972  Fax: 359-7211  E-mail:

An international preschool and kindergarten in Ishikawa city, Chiba prefecture, located near the Myoden station on Tozai line. This is a preschool designed to prepare kids before they enter kindergartens, and for kids before they enter elementary schools.

The school has particularly long hourse from 9 – 6 pm, designed to cater to workging career parents who wish to focus on their jobs. Sumire Kids have only few class vacations compared to normal pre-school and kindergarten enrollees. However, Sumire Kids can expand their time in learning and having fun more than their usual. Parents can also choose how long their child can stay everyday.

Established in 1998, SUMIRE KID’S ACADEMY is an International Preschool and Kindergarten School. It started as a Piano school, so with that background … until now, teaching piano lessons remains a core part of the program. Children are divided according to their age bracket; with three courses in Preschool and three levels in Kindergarten available.

The school focuses on various kinds of subject matters namely; Language Writing and Reading, Mathematics, Science and Health, Music, Arts and Physical Education for kids at their ages. In these subjects, teaching techniques are always accompanied by action songs, finger plays and nursery rhymes with the use of different kinds of visual aids and learning materials assuring the presence of fun and enjoyment. Children are encouraged to express themselves through arts, crafts and representations out of some recycled materials.

Kids learn with fun through educational and instructive toys and games in which children can express themselves and enjoy their childhood and broaden their minds and grow.

The school is also equiped with high-tech security facilities with video cameras placed in each classroom.

The school also offers exciting activities not only within the school premises but at other educational places exposing the mentality of the children to the changing world. Sumire kids go to the park once a month, celebrate Japanese and Western festivals like, Tanabatakai, Halloween, Christmas, and more.

5 thoughts on “Sumire Kid’s Academy (Ishikawa City, Chiba)”

  1. Hi..may I know if you have branch here in gyotoku?and how much it will cost?i have a granddaughter and she is 4 years old..I just want to know if we can afford it..hope you can answer..thank u so much..

  2. The owner of this school is abusive to staff and sexually harasses female workers. He also buys workbooks from Costco, copies the pages and then attaches the Sumire logo. He charges ¥5000 for these stolen workbooks. The teachers usually aren’t native English speakers, but he tells the Japanese parents differently. As someone who used to work at Sumire Kids Academy, I would advise all Japanese parents to send their children somewhere else. I also recommend all teachers avoid this place also.

  3. I hope you are being truthful as these are serious charges that affect the reputation of a school, and are not just some disgruntled ex-employee, hiding behind a wall of anonymity. I will have to take your word comments down should there be a complaint. As it is, here is an opportunity for anybody (parents, staff or owner) to refute these claims.

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